1932 Ford Roadster MicroStreetRodTM


THE MicroVEHTM MicroCupCarTM

About Us

After a long time interest in street rod, muscle car and motor scooter parts fabrication and restoration, and in auto racing, we decided to put our experience to work.

VIZA SCOOTERS: About a year ago, we started designing an exhaust expansion chamber for the VIZA two wheeled motorized scooter. After about 15 tries, we finally found one that worked. VIZA and its dealers liked the exhaust expansion chamber so well, we started with VIZA billet decks and wheels. They are CNC machined, anodized and bright coated. We have more parts and accessories for VIZA scooters coming.

MICROSTREETROD: Its finally here. Undoubtedly, the world’s smallest go kart. It will fit in the trunk of your car. It is light enough that the ladies can load it.

We design, test and manufacture all of our OEM parts, accessories and products in Phoenix, Arizona USA. We are always looking for ways to better our products and invite you, the customer, to provide us with suggestions. We also accept complements!

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