1932 Ford Roadster MicroStreetRodTM


THE MicroVEHTM MicroCupCarTM

Dealer Inquiry

We are considering a limited number of applications by qualified retailers to become dealers for scooter sports OEM products, direct source products and the MicroStreetRodŌ.

We sell all of our products through VIZA Motors LLC and if you are a VIZA dealer, there would not be an advantage to being a Scooter Sports dealer at the same time. You can buy all of our products directly from VIZA Motors through their normal dealer program.

If you want to become a dealer, call us at 1-888-59-SCOOT or email us at Dealer@scootersports.com.

We will fax or e-mail you with a dealer application and if accepted as a dealer, you will be provided with a Dealer Price Sheet. Please be advised there are minimum order quantities required for initial qualification as a dealer and to continue as a Scooter Sports dealer.

We reserve the right to reject any person or company as a Scooter Sports dealer for any reason in our sole discretion.

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